The Fossil People

The “Lumads” are frozen in time – living in the past yet thriving in the present.Bagobo_woman

They have existed this way for thousands of years, seemingly stubborn and resistant to the ebb and flow of modern life just a few miles away from where they are.

Theirs is a society headed still by a “datu” or chieftain and his religious counterpart the “babaylan.” Their culture is protected by the “bagani” or the warrior who are also entrusted to protect the lives of the members of the tribe and the ancestral lands they have.

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Housebreaking The Cat

CaptainMeowAfter working the field as a journalist for more or less six years, I thought I already know all there is to know about humans and myself. I was so wrong.

Some seven months ago, I gave up my job as a correspondent of Philippine Daily Inquirer for a desk job in a government agency. It was a drastic but beneficial move.

I have to admit I didn’t think things through as much as I should but it was a chance I could not pass up. I am already 29 but still single and working in an industry my family do not entirely approve of considering the dangers it has for a woman. To their eyes, I am getting old in a job that does not promise me prospects of wealth and security.

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Why I’ll Never Leave The Philippines

My beloved Philippines made quite big waves throughout the international media with a combination of negative and positive news. The positives ones were very inspiring but the negative ones may have made a lot of people cringe.

We have become far famous than we ever aimed for during the past decade with beauties and talents taking over almost every pageant and competitions all over the world. They may no longer be full-blooded Filipinos but we are very much happy to take them as our own in order to offset the huge and long history of corruption that suddenly came spilling out of our thresholds into the international scene like so much rotten things.

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