Housebreaking The Cat

CaptainMeowAfter working the field as a journalist for more or less six years, I thought I already know all there is to know about humans and myself. I was so wrong.

Some seven months ago, I gave up my job as a correspondent of Philippine Daily Inquirer for a desk job in a government agency. It was a drastic but beneficial move.

I have to admit I didn’t think things through as much as I should but it was a chance I could not pass up. I am already 29 but still single and working in an industry my family do not entirely approve of considering the dangers it has for a woman. To their eyes, I am getting old in a job that does not promise me prospects of wealth and security.

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Coffee Heaven Starts at P20 in Sorsogon

GUBAT, Sorsogon – Along the gloomy road of Gubat, Sorsogon sits a tiny café which offers gourmet coffee starting at P20 to P55 per cup and muffins and cupcakes at P3 to P10 a piece.

Makape Ka?, a little coffee shop setup by Listana siblings, offers coffee products and pastries at very low prices in order to give locals a taste of coffee recipes that are actually sold at very high prices in major cafes.

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Unconventional and Unbridled

You read the paper.  You saw my byline.  Now read this too.

Just my thoughts, the travels (with the hassles and thrilling twists), the food, the people, and the life on the edge of time, deadlines, budget and breathtaking views.

This introduction might come across as too strong, intimidating, but that’s how this Stray Cat walks and talks through this alley.