Coffee Heaven Starts at P20 in Sorsogon

GUBAT, Sorsogon – Along the gloomy road of Gubat, Sorsogon sits a tiny café which offers gourmet coffee starting at P20 to P55 per cup and muffins and cupcakes at P3 to P10 a piece.

Makape Ka?, a little coffee shop setup by Listana siblings, offers coffee products and pastries at very low prices in order to give locals a taste of coffee recipes that are actually sold at very high prices in major cafes.

Aries Listana, using his knowledge and experiencSDC11456e from working in an  international café in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for 12 years, strove to create a menu of different coffee products that would fit the economic power of their market – the residents of Gubat, Sorsogon.

Asked why they do not charge as much as most cafes in cities and provincial capitals, Listana said that they want more people to enjoy their products.

“We know that most Gubatnons cannot afford to buy expensive coffee, yet we want them to experience how gourmet coffee tastes like,” Listana said.

He explained that they were able to come up with the prices after they have minimized the size of their servings.

Despite smaller servings, Listana said that he made it a point to still provide the same quality in every cup that would be comparable to the gourmet coffee that he once made as a barrista in the international café that he worked in since 1999 until 2011.

Among his coffee concoctions are Caramel Mocha Frappe, Americano, Caramel Machiatto and other recipes that he learned from his experience working overseas.

The brainchild of his brother Fr. Noel Listana, Makape Ka? Opened in February 14, 2013 with a menu that was jointly developed by Aries and sister Joan.

Aries personally handcrafts the coffee thSDC11465ey serve to their customers.

The hot and cold coffee recipes were solely Aries’s creations while the durian muffins and cupcakes and pineapple cupcakes are made by their sister from real fruits with no artificial flavoring agents added.

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