Lost My Head


A close dear friend since college shared something on Facebook that at once inspired me to revisit and revise my online blogs.

I was instantly taken aback. I guess the right description is “I shuddered (new favorite word) my body parts off” when I saw how amateur and embarrassing my posts were.  I wanted to punch myself in the face but I remembered that I just had my nails cleaned so I chose to just mentally kick myself in the ass.

Since I am so poor with technology, I cannot find the right button to erase the abominations I created in the internet.  I hope later they would just die away when I go to bed to wake up to another day.

The article that inspired me was The Pain Of Being In Love With Someone You Can Never Be With by Paul Hudson.  You can check it out by clicking this link http://elitedaily.com/dating/sex/means-love-someone-can-never/.

Well, I wanted to write a simple article on my blog about it but since that action would only lead you to the immature creations I had, I’ll just post it right here.

It was a well written article with very simple moving prose.  It is an example of that rare kind of writing style that can make you taste its meaning at the back of your tongue while triggering your brain to imagine other people’s tears falling down your own cheeks if you are not that kind of person who can actually relate to the message of the article.

Although its presentation of the main topic is general and somehow vague in some places, it is realistic enough to touch quite a lot of chords of truth.  I recognize that generalizing the topic is the best way of touching more people in your audience.

Upon reading the title, I thought that the article would be just another tell-all story where some fame-hungry writer would pour out his personal woes and dark secrets hidden under the skin of his underarms for the internet community to lap up and make popular.

The fact that the author did not cite any of his personal experiences with love (like some pompous souls I know would probably do if they were the one writing it), made me appreciate the good philosophizing heart behind it.  He actually gave his words to the world by setting aside his own personal background story.  A gift to a world where writing is already a misused power wielded by the wrong hands.

Its only fault probably is its length and the way it has touched some areas that could better be expounded in other separate articles.  Well, Paul Hudson, I hope you would write more about how you think differences in thought patterns and accepting things we find quirky but unlovable in our partners can pull us apart or draw us closer.

The subject of the article made me think that despite the fact that we fear pain, we also love it.  This is probably why S and M sex is popular even before Rihanna sang about it.

Dear Mr. Hudson, I think love is giving someone the capability to hurt you while holding on to faith that he would never use that capability.  Maybe this is why we have the “benefit of the doubt” which is to me a defense mechanism that we created not for the relationship but for ourselves.

Well, there are already too many words here.  I am afraid that some of them might refuse to hold on to each other and turn into ramblings.

Stop it, Brain.  You’re hurting yourself again.

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